Growing pineapples

I am a Pinterest freak! I LOVE all the ideas and sharing, from schooling to crafting to recipes to gardening to well, just everything!

So when I saw a pin with foods to grow from scraps, I got super excited.

My kiddos LOVE pineapple or as the 4-year-old likes to call them…Spongebob’s house.

Who knew you could grow a pineapple with the tops of an old one? Not me!

A very old picture of these two!


This is super easy to do!

1. Pick out a pineapple. I looked for one that had a really pretty top.

2. Twist off the top.

3. Pull off a few of the bottom layers of leaves.

4. Put top in a cup of water. An old pickle jar, salsa jar, mason jar works really well.


Be sure and keep your water clean.

Before long little roots will start shooting out  the bottom and you can plant them in soil. We waited probably a month or longer before actually planting ours.

We have done this several times and only had two that did not produce roots.

Right now we have three going. As a homeschooling family, we like to call this a Science experiment. We have also had some success doing this with celery and lettuce.


Now I don’t really know if these will ever produce us any actual fruit. Or how long it will take if they do. For now we are just happy trying.

Quest for organization

I am still on my quest for complete organization.

Yeah, it’s not going so well. Today, I found a piece of artwork my 26-year-old sister did in school!

Why do I have this?

Totally packrat of all things given to me, that’s why!

But, my quest continues.

With summer almost here I find myself almost panicked. In less than two weeks we add another person to our house. The mechanics 16-year-old son has decided to totally move in and will be here in 8 short days.

Hoping the extra testosterone will help balance out the overflowing estrogen.

So today, I have set out on my mission to get started.

First thing was to move the table in the play area to the master bedroom, maybe this will free up some space. The table is huge and had to be taken apart. The mechanic and my son made me this table 3 years ago for my birthday. I LOVE this table! Originally it was a swing turned into dining room table. Now it will become a great workspace for this Momma to get back to some creating.


While it’s a project that will probably take several days to complete, I have finally it started.

I can not wait to work in front of this window with the sunshine!

Queen of unfinished projects

I am most definitely the queen of unfinished projects!

The half painted master bath.

The half painted master bedroom.

The unfinished kitchen cabinets. Yes, I know, I said I was going to finish those. It wasn’t too long ago that the mechanic told me I should let you guys know they were still waiting for me.

The unfinished blanket at the end of my bed.

The stack of crochet beanies that need the finishing touches added to them.

So, when I saw this I thought YES!


Even though we are very successful at keeping the house clean, I have an extreme lack of organization in my work area.

When my mind gets to spinning, there are times when it is not just the kids who are still in their pjs. And occasionally throughout the day, I am sure it does look like we have been robbed. Or hit be a tornado.

But, that’s ok!

As long as there are unfinished projects, I will always have something to do, right?

Things I learned this vacation

Vacations for us are all about spending time together and fun. There are times though when we learn some things too. This one, I learned A LOT!!


1. You DO NOT have to pack everything you are gonna need for the whole trip. There are stores along the way.

2. Post cards are totally AWESOME! I mailed a few throughout the week. And don’t we all need a little more snail mail in our lives?

3. Take lots and lots of pictures! 20 pictures of one mountain is not enough. You need at least 40 to remember what it looks like.


4. Being Facebook free is not all that bad! It freed up so much time to just stop and really enjoy the things and people around me.

5. Take pictures with your kids! All you Mommas out there who hate having pictures of you floating around, just do it! I am always behind the camera, mostly because I would prefer not to see that I still have a bunch of baby weight left to lose. It doesn’t matter, the kiddos still love you, no matter how you look. And it really should look like you were on vacation too!


6. Stop whenever you can and just take in what’s around you.

7. You don’t have to gain 20 pounds on vacation! Yes, it is hard but, you can still kinda stick to your diet.

8. Have as much fun as possible! It really is just about relaxing and being together. Let the kids do things you normally wouldn’t. Like eating brownies and cheesecake for breakfast.DSCF6502

9. It doesn’t matter if it has been 3 years or 25 years, true friendship is easy to fall back into!


10. Throw out the schedule! Who needs it on vacation? Sleep in, go with the flow, and still see has much as possible.

This was one of our best vacations! Not just because we saw a ton of stuff and we did see a ton of stuff. But, we got to spend a ton of quality time together!

Vacation Day 11: Mexico, border patrol, cop a squat and finally home!

Thankfully the day started with a happy baby and on time!

We skipped breakfast (I know, so bad) and opted for an early lunch. We stopped at just the right time too, towns in New Mexico are few and far between.

Some fast food and  sombrero wearing. They all look so happy.


We really should have bought some of these.



El Paso came with a view of Mexico, right over that fence right there. And a quick stop through a border patrol check point.


East Texas is a lot of open space. My advice to any one driving through, is to stop at every place you get a chance and go to the bathroom. Especially if you have a 4-year-old with a ‘I can’t hold it’ bladder. The next place to stop is a long ways away.

This trip did bring her first cop a squat on the side of the road. Kinda a proud Momma moment for me.


There were some pretty wildflowers near by also.


Not too much excitement the rest of the way home. We did make it around 10 p.m.

We did figure out that the baby is much calmer if Momma sits in the back.

With all the good and bad, way more good than bad, we had an AMAZING trip. Seen a ton of new places, learned lots of new things, reconnected with the past, and started a new adventure.

Like most vacations, it is wonderful to be home. Yes, we are going to miss the vacation excitement but, this Momma is happy to be back to her normal schedule.

Tickled Pink…or Blue!

I am super excited to finally be able to tell a huge secret!

The past 10 weeks have been some of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, up and down emotional weeks as a big sister.

FINALLY, after several miscarriages in the last couple of years, we have made it to almost 17 weeks! This has been such a huge struggle. Anyone who has had infertility problems knows how stressful and emotional it gets.

But, we are finally here and I am super excited to be an aunt again. I know this is it and we are almost there!


After 10 weeks of keeping my mouth shut, crying in the bathroom after every doctors appointment cuz we still have a baby, trying not to get too excited, and really needing another nephew or niece, I get to finally say WE (my sister Sam) ARE FINALLY HAVING A BABY!!!!!

Front porch swinging

Front porch swings…one of the greatest things EVER!

There is just something kinda wonderful about sitting on the porch swinging. For me it could be all the memories I have of sitting on my Mamaw’s swing as a kid. With my daddy being in the Army, we always lived off somewhere. When we visited though, we would swing and sing. I so LOVE that woman!

Since I worked incredibly hard on the front yard the last two days and because the mechanic is totally awesome, last night, he put up my swing for me.


We bought this thing at a yard sale a few months ago. It may have at one time been a park bench. The garage has been its home until about a month ago when I brought it to the front patio. My plan was for it to find a home in the backyard. But as I looked at it yesterday trying to decide where exactly in the backyard it should go, those two hooks already in the ceiling hollered at me. They said ‘Hey you, look, we are up here spaced out perfectly. Hang the swing here!’ That’s exactly what I did.

This morning when I got up I had no clue half my day would be spent on the swing.

This little munchkin really likes it. We have had two naps swing today.


And this one, refuses to even go in the house. Lunch was ate on the swing. Learning was done on the swing. We sang and counted on the swing.


It has been unusually cool today here in South Texas. A nice, almost too cold breeze has been blowing most of the day.

I wonder if they will still want to swing all day when it is like 150 out there. But for now, I am just going to enjoy sitting with them swinging.

Vacation Day 10: Late start, headed home, and whiny kids

I wonder, is the trip home still actually considered part of the vacation?

This is the day we head home, feeling sad that we have to leave and excited to get home.

We have two days and an almost 20 hour drive.

Of course we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t get a late start.

Very late!

Check is at 11, we checked out at 10:55 and still had to eat. It was probably around 12:30 before we were all in the Tahoe, ready to go.

I used to never be late for anything, always at least 15 minutes early. Then I had a bunch of kids. With every kid I just get later and later. I have hopes it gets better once they get older. Until then, I make all my appointments as late as possible.

Saying Good Bye to Nevada!


The trip home just so happens to be a completely different way then the trip there. Exciting cause we get to see new things and places, right?

Well this sign in the middle of no where says it all!


That is exactly what we saw! A lot of cacti!


And rocks!


The kids, completely fussy. The baby is so tired of the car already and we have barely been in it 4 hours.

It would be so easy to take the Los Angeles exit. That’s another trip!


Our plan was to do half the drive today and the other tomorrow. A screaming baby and a very tired 4-year-old mixed with very stressed out Momma and Daddy had us stopping earlier then planned.

Somewhere between Tucson and El Paso, we found a place for the night at 8 p.m.


Got some dinner and early to bed.

Except we still had a crying baby with a tummy ache. Very thankful we decided to stop, cleaning up baby throw up out of the car would not have been my idea of a good time.

Surprisingly, less than 5 minutes later she was completely out for the whole night.

So, no I don’t think the trip home is part of the vacation. I dreaded the even longer drive we have tomorrow and so can not wait to get home. Here’s hoping for an early morning.

It’s a start!

The last two days have made me feel very productive! I remembered just how much I LOVE to be outside! Somewhere along the way, I lost it. Very excited to have found it again.

Finishing up the extension of the flowerbed was my project this morning. Planting a few more plants and mulching.

And it turned out perfect!

We added several new to me plants. I really hope I don’t kill them!

Some Rosemary and Lavender!

DSCF7108 DSCF7109

I read they repel mosquitos. Really hoping that it’s true. What is it with South Texas and all day long mosquitos?

Dianthus and Gaura

DSCF7114 DSCF7122

Some that I am familiar with and know I can grow!



And one of my all time favorites…Hostas! Not sure why I love these. I always have. Every single flowerbed I have ever had has had these. It could be because they are so easy to grow and even easier to separate. If you have just one, eventually you can have a dozen.


Of course I added back my flamingos. Can not have a flowerbed without these guys.


And my Gnomes! Because all great gardens have Gnomes!

This little guy works so hard all the time. Poor little fella!


While this one just sits and talks all day. Could be his frog princess, never know!


I should really drag out some paint and touch these two up. A project for another day.

I have so many ideas going through my head to make this an amazing front yard…going around the tree with the flowerbed, a trellis at the side of the patio with ivy, a fairy garden by the tree. The list goes on and on. The mechanic will be exhausted with all the work I have added to that ‘Honey Do’ list.

For now though, I am very happy to just sit back and look. It’s a start!

DSCF7115 DSCF7107

Did I mention I also mowed and raked up three bags of leaves?

Vacation Day 9: Old friends, drive thrus, and even more circus acts

Day 9 of vacation…one of the absolute GREATEST days of my whole life!!

We skipped breakfast and ate lunch at the McDonald’s.

Caught a show! Skating…I could never skate like that, that’s for sure!


This one got to be in a show! Her first performance…very exciting! She is definitely the dreamer in this house and  will do amazing things, if she just uses her powers for good!


Some games!

Because everyone needs a huge fluffy unicorn! I am reminded of that insurance commercial with the dad with the unicorn on the roof of the car. Funny, every time it comes on, I always tell the mechanic that is him!


I got to see my BFF from 5th grade! We have not seen each other in 25 years! Somehow the old friend gods came together and put us both in Vegas at the exact same time. I still LOVE her after all these years. I guess true friendship is like riding a bike, you never forget.


We had some down time in the afternoon. We really needed to just rest.

And play with the big fluffy unicorn!


In true Vegas fashion, we rented a limo to see the strip at night all in lights!

This shall be how he rolls one day when he is a super famous wrestler.


The girls are super excited!


And it just wouldn’t be right if we went to Vegas and didn’t go visit a wedding chapel.


And totally get MARRIED!!!


Yep, that’s right! It took 5 years but we did it!


Our wedding boots!


Our little ring holder/flower girl!


Because if you get married in Vegas, it should be at a drive thru after 10 p.m. Big THANKS to my Momma for letting us keep our heads in this pic.


A we got married selfie!

DSCF6880 (2)

I am absolutely, totally, and completely in LOVE with this man! Even though the only thing getting married changed was my last name (we have ALWAYS been married in our hearts) I love the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Loving him forever! And not just because our vows said so!

At some point Gran decided she needed to teach all the kids to raise the roof.


Some of the strip in lights!


DSCF6972 DSCF6973

Today was absolutely perfect! Our last night, kinda sad, but I can not wait to get home!

And yes, today I broke my no Facebook streak.

Hey, I got married! You can’t keep something like that a secret.