The most BEAUTIFUL bride EVER!

It has been a crazy, busy couple of weeks. The day finally came, this past weekend, my baby sister said ‘I do!’

For those of you who truly know me, you know I am completely in love with my sisters. This trip with them had its ups and its down, that’s for sure. From the two day wedding cake adventure, beads falling off a dress, lost necklaces, me bringing the bride the wrong earrings, the bride and groom still getting ready 15 minutes after starting time, a flower girl who wouldn’t flower, a ring bearer who disappeared for a minute during the ceremony, arguments, lots of agruments…hey, we are human, not perfect and I never said we always get along.

I knew there would be issues. No wedding goes absolutely according to plan. All of these things, I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for however, was how absolutely beautiful she would be! Don’t get me wrong, I knew she would be beautiful. I was just not prepared for it.

I wasn’t prepared for how proud I would be watching my son walk her down the aisle because only he could give her away. He is her first true love after all.

sheliawedding (2)

I wasn’t prepared for her gorgeousĀ smile and all the thoughts I had about everything I wanted to say to her about life. Most of which I’m sure she already knows.


And I wasn’t prepared for what should have been her Father/Daughter dance but instead was her Nephew/Aunt dance. I can’t imagine a more perfect moment then this one. And how Daddy must have been looking down, thinking how perfectly amazing this moment was.


The day was full of great memories. Every single person who had a part in making it happen, did an amazing job. A beautiful outdoor wedding in the middle of July in Missouri, is a hard thing to pull off. But, through all the issues that popped up and went wrong, there couldn’t have been a more beautiful bride EVER!

Sleeping in and flowerbeds

I have found myself sleeping in quite a bit lately. For most this would be a great thing and yes, I enjoy it on occasion. But honestly, sleeping til 9 ruins my whole day. I always feel so rushed and like I am just not on schedule. That’s a crazy thought, me being a schedule kinda girl!

So, this week I have made myself stay up once the mechanic leaves for work. Let me tell you, it has been hard! I just want to lay back down and cuddle up under the covers.

One thing I do enjoy is the quietness the house has first thing in the mornings, when all the kids are still asleep. I sit in the kitchen, at the table with my laptop and all I hear is the very low humming of the fridge and the birds out the window. I should really put a feeder by it or something.

And the flowerbeds in the morning are awesome! Everything is all perked up and awake. This morning while I was watering the front beds, I was so glad to see that just about everything was in bloom. I did not let all of the plants we planted this year die.





These are actually in the backyard! They are so pretty though, I had to share.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, I am in LOVE with early mornings!

Doctor in the house

A big part of our day is just playing. And it happens all over the house.

Apparently our house doctor makes bathroom calls! Or does all her checkups there, I haven’t decided yet!


What can I say, you should be healthy everywhere!

If you’re a mom, you know the bathroom is the one place you are never alone!

The start of a herb garden

Well this past weekend, I did it! I started a herb garden, right in my kitchen window.

I have absolutely no idea how to grow herbs. I am hoping it is not too hard.

A herb garden is something I have been wanting to have a go at for a couple years, nothing huge, just a small kitchen window one. I hadn’t planned on starting so soon, I wanted to do some more research, get some pots, be more prepared. However, we were at the Home Depot, they were on sale, so why not?

I did decide to only start with a few. I don’t want to kill a ton of herbs here. Eventually, adding more would be awesome!

So, here it is! Spicy Basil…the little leaves are beautiful!

Sage…it smells incredible! I have found myself walking over and just smelling it.


Rosemary…I am pretty sure I have some of this in my front flowerbed!


And some parsley…YUMMY.


As you can see, they are all still in the containers from the store, I haven’t found pots yet. I could be a little scared to pot them. What is wrong with me? Growing herbs is easy, right?

‘Honey Do’ List…Complete?

I know I say this all the time…My husband is totally AWESOME!

Well, the truth is, I kinda really think he is!

This past weekend he went above and beyond. He finished his never-ending ‘Honey Do’ list!

We have been working in the backyard for the past couple of weekends, and I am proud to say it is almost complete.

We added some lattice to the playhouse/fort/clubhouse, which surprisingly looks like a stage. How cool is that? I need to add some curtains, lights, and a few more touches and it will be perfect!



He is so not a carpenter. He does an amazing job pretending though!



The old kitchen sink became the beginnings of a small mud kitchen for the girls. Some pots and pans should make for lots of fun memories. Sounds like it’s time to hit up the flea market. šŸ˜‰



Some tricycle fun for the baby!


He also turned this old changing table into an outside gardening table for me.


I can not wait to use this thing!

He did a few things in the house too.

See, I told you…He is AWESOME!

I have to say, I am lost! I have no projects for him right now, it is very weird for me!

I think I will let him rest, for now anyways!

Room with a view!

Yellowstone, 2012

Going through old pictures is always so much fun for me. I LOVE remembering all our adventures. This one is from a trip the kids and I took with my Mom to see my sister in Montana almost 3 years ago. We took a night and day in Yellowstone, this was the view from our room. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every morning.