Sleeping in and flowerbeds

I have found myself sleeping in quite a bit lately. For most this would be a great thing and yes, I enjoy it on occasion. But honestly, sleeping til 9 ruins my whole day. I always feel so rushed and like I am just not on schedule. That’s a crazy thought, me being a schedule kinda girl!

So, this week I have made myself stay up once the mechanic leaves for work. Let me tell you, it has been hard! I just want to lay back down and cuddle up under the covers.

One thing I do enjoy is the quietness the house has first thing in the mornings, when all the kids are still asleep. I sit in the kitchen, at the table with my laptop and all I hear is the very low humming of the fridge and the birds out the window. I should really put a feeder by it or something.

And the flowerbeds in the morning are awesome! Everything is all perked up and awake. This morning while I was watering the front beds, I was so glad to see that just about everything was in bloom. I did not let all of the plants we planted this year die.





These are actually in the backyard! They are so pretty though, I had to share.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, I am in LOVE with early mornings!

4 thoughts on “Sleeping in and flowerbeds

  1. I love the early mornings too. But early for me means up before the sun, when even the birds are quiet. Glad to see your lovely flowers doing so well. 🙂

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      1. Old habits die hard. I’ve been on the 3am shift for 15 years. Now that I can make my own time, I still have trouble sleeping in.

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