Growing up, new basil, and biscuits

This weekend was incredibly relaxing! And believe me, after last week, we needed it.

It did start with a sad mommy moment, Friday afternoon when the 4 year-old said “Momma, I want bangs!”


“Well I think they will be so cute!”

All the thoughts and feelings going through my head…why? You are a baby! You don’t want to cut your hair! Your curls, we can’t cut your curls! Haircuts mean growing up! NO! You can’t! You just can’t! Momma is not ready!

“You will have to talk to Daddy about that!”

Yes, that’s it, ask Daddy! Daddy will say ‘NO!’

Well, I was wrong, Daddy said ‘YES!’

She was absolutely right! They are totally adorable!


Friday also brought our weekly grocery trip. That is really supposed to be every other week but with 6 kids, every week is almost a must. We also ALWAYS go over budget, which results in a small, we like to call it ‘I don’t know how we went over budget again?’ mental breakdown from the mechanic.

These two…they LOVE the grocery adventures!


And since our basil died while we were away last week, we decided to pick up another plant.


Saturday morning came with big flea market plans, until the 4-year-old came in the bedroom wanting biscuits.

With her sweet little face “Daddy, I want biscuits.”

The mechanic “We have a can in the fridge.”

“Uh…but I need to roll them in the flour!”

You have to know, that until recently, the 11-year-old had no clue you could even buy biscuits in a can.

So, of course, we made biscuits!



A future baker? Could be!


That face though, makes getting to the flea market after most people had packed up for the day, completely worth it.

The rest of the weekend, was pretty much spent on the couch watching movies together.

Home, such a cute little alien movie!

Disney’s The Descendants, I just love that the villains have kids! I did wonder why they chose Jafar and Cruella De Vil, then I started thinking about Disney villains, most of them are animals. I will add that this movie has been played at least 5 more times since Saturday night.

That’s ok though, because I think these are the moments that make being a parent, amazing!

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