Crazy day friday

Today has been a little insane for me! One of the longest days EVER!!

What I really wanted to do this morning, was go back to bed. However, this was not an option today.

It was an early morning of trying to finish up the last bit of schoolwork for the past year. Yes, we sometimes are slackers! That is why we home school all year round. We still have two weeks before I have the next school year scheduled to start, but I really thought a month off would be nice. Oh well, a week is good too!

Most of the morning was Math and Language Arts mixed with a couple of get up and move breaks. Nothing really exciting, the metric system and how to give an oral presentation for one kid. Reading comprehension for another. Multiplication for another. We are all over the place these days.

All the excitement can after lunch, which was earlier than normal.

I finally caught the baby walking. She always seems to stop when she sees me with the camera, kinda looks at me, smiles, and giggles, like haha…this is not happening.

I really wish I could figure out how to load the video here. Seems I could be a slight bit technically challenged.

We started a 1000 piece puzzle and watched two episodes of Bill Nye, the Science Guy on Netflix.


I really do love all the documentaries and educational shows they have added.

And a mom life lesson, one I should be fully aware of, a quiet baby is not a good thing.

What two jars of sprinkles? Sprinkles? I don’t know what you are talking about!


That face though, pretty sure Momma’s cake supplies are no longer safe!

We have started having family reading time together. The perfect book for this bunch right now. I really enjoy being able to share books with the kids that I read when I was younger.


And the 4-year-old found her rock collection. These things have been put up for over a year and a half, how she remembered where they were I have no idea. She does love her rocks!


And we are ending the day with crazy hair and a dinosaur invasion in the living room.


It has been an incredibly busy day. I feel a great need for a long nap and am so glad it is Friday.

Here’s to hoping for a relaxing weekend on the couch with the tv, kids, and the mechanic!

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