Rearranging, laundry, and Big Hero 6

When I woke up this morning and decided to pull everything out of my bedroom and rearrange/organize it, I really wish someone would have smacked me and told me NO!

I am a total packrat!

My bedroom is the one place where everything that does not have a home goes to stay. I mean, we have lived in this house for almost two years and I still have unpacked boxes. I know, it is all stuff I can probably live without.

We had a somewhat quick Social Studies lesson about maps and directions. North, south, east, and west, very important things to know. We always do Social Studies together.

Then the older two did some individual Math and Language Arts, while the 9-year-old played kitchen with the baby. As soon as I got the older two started for the day, I got started on the bedroom.

Now let me tell you, this was a big job moving all the furniture (three dressers, my work table, the baby’s bed, a sewing table, two chairs, and a treadmill, that I don’t use nearly as much as I should). I had to move my work table twice to make room for the treadmill that I insist on keeping, because I will start using it again one day soon. I don’t think there is one piece of furniture that ended up where I had originally planned for it to be.

I did get everything moved around a little after lunchtime, all the boxes can wait until tomorrow to start being gone through. This was great for me because then I got to spend most of the afternoon with the 4-year-old and the baby.

We had a giant peeking in the windows of the Barbie house. She has just started to really be confident with the whole walking thing. It is incredibly funny to see those chubby little legs move.


Since Momma and Daddy’s room is somewhat organized, it makes for great fun to be an explorer. All that laundry I just folded and put away, she found it.


The clothes in the top drawers were not safe either. It took her forever to get it, I honestly was starting to get worried she was just never going to walk, now she just won’t stop!


This is such a fun age! Seeing their eyes light up over the simplest things, watching them explore and discover.

We finally got to watch Big Hero 6. This made the 4-year-old extremely happy. She loves that the green chair was moved to the bedroom.


We finished up just in time to go watch for Daddy by the front door. One of her all time favorite things to do.


Big props to Momma today, the baby is kind of dressed.

Tomorrow brings lots of boxes to go through but today, today was kind of wonderful!

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