I am a total blogging slacker!!

So I just realized that it has been like two weeks since I last blogged.

Gwah! I am a total blogging slacker!

It has been a crazy two weeks though, getting ready to start back with a new homeschooling year, we took an unplanned beach day, which was wonderful! I completely rearranged the living room and playroom, again. Everything is finally organized!

This weekend was a very relaxing one. Friday night, I finally got another date night with the mechanic. These are very, very rare! I tried very hard to enforce a weekly date night without much luck. The 4-year-old is absolutely against momma going anywhere without her, so it takes a lot of convincing.

Yes, when you are a parent of littles, they kind of control you!

It is ok though, they don’t want you around very long.

We were actually invited by one of the mechanic’s mechanics to go listen to his father in law play at a little bar. If you are a stay at home momma who hardly ever adults, you know how exciting this was for me.

Other adults? Yes, PLEASE!

I do love my babies more than anything and do not want to spend my days doing anything else, but sometimes adulting is a good thing.

You can tell I don’t get out much, I was totally in love with the fact that this little bar had chickens. Yes, this is stuff you can’t make up. I loved meeting new people and eating pancakes at midnight. Call me crazy but chickens and pancakes just make me happy.


We got home way later than we had planned. It was so much fun!

And since the mechanic is so awesome, he entertained the kids Saturday morning so I could sleep in.

I woke up after noon!

This is what I found.


It did not matter to me one bit that this was my clean playroom on Friday night.

Since I slept most of the day, we just chilled out at home.

The baby played pick up sticks with the straws. Shhhh….don’t tell the other kids, I totally put them back in the straw holder.


The 4-year-old helped with giving the baby a bath. This is so her thing to do these days. She does a great job!


Sunday was an adventure. There was a peddler/craft expo we wanted to go to. Funny how our GPS has no clue where we are going half the time, we never actually found the expo. We did find a mall we had never been to. Cookies and a new shirt made me happy!

Two different Wal-Marts and all the kids were happy too!

I should mention, we found that expo on the way home after it was over.

Sunday normally means a big dinner.

The mechanic makes the best meatloaf!


We were totally carbed up this weekend. The next two weeks I am going to have to be so mean to myself to get back on track with the low carbs.

I would have to say though, that this weekend has been one of the best we have had this summer.

And I am going to definitely have to stop being a total blogging slacker!

2 thoughts on “I am a total blogging slacker!!

  1. Oh my! You’ve got every excuse to be complacent on the blogging side of things. And I can see your time is very well spent. Glad you got a night out to adult though. We all need one of those from time to time.

    Liked by 1 person

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