T.V. Interviews, Flea Markets, and Used Book Stores

WOW! Seems like, here lately, everything is just so busy! There is almost no time to just sit back and breathe.

This past weekend was definitely a busy one, but was so much fun.

Our excitement actually started Thursday, the mechanic found an ad looking for families to be on a new t.v. show. Of course, we are completely crazy and had to apply. I mean what are the chances of them actually contacting us, right?

Well funny thing, they did! Imagine my shock when the mechanic calls Thursday afternoon to say we have a family interview Friday at 5!

Say WHAT???

Yeah, it was so much fun to do! Honestly, I think we have absolutely no chance of being picked but, it was an amazing experience. I mean who doesn’t want to go to Alaska for 60 days of darkness? The week and a half wait for them to call back, has been like torture! We are still waiting!

So Friday night, we celebrated with pizza!  I wish I could capture her face when she sees the breadstick box.

imageSaturday morning found us headed to the flea market. It seems like FOREVER since we have been. Traffic, as usual, was awful!


The 4-year-old was so ready for some flea marketing. I do believe she has switched from her pink boots to her wedding boots. She scored a few LPS blind bags.


There was a small Elmo take over! Made me miss my Aunt Cindy like crazy! She is an Elmo freak and a new grandma, the poor baby is gonna have to love Elmo too.


After the flea market, we stopped at one of the half price bookstores. I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite places to go. I just love the happy feeling the lined up and stacks of books give me. Yes, I am extremely weird about books!


The baby LOVES them too!


And since we have recently decided to throw out the curriculum and give unschooling a shot, I was completely excited to find these games and workbooks.


And I picked up several History books at the flea market for almost nothing.


I am not entirely sure how this new way of learning is going to work for us. I am very excited about it though. Really hoping it helps us to free up some time and have a little more fun. I would really like to be able to start working on my Etsy shop again.

On the way home, we stopped at the Mexican meat market down the road to get something to cook for dinner. The mechanic is AWESOME on the grill!

So, why not get a bottle of pop too? This stuff is so good!


Sunday was an at home kind of day. Me and the girls finished up our sun catcher mobile and hung it in the kitchen window. I so forgot all the time it takes to put all those melty beads in these things. It was worth it, because it looks amazing hanging there.


I also got to make something to hold my earrings. Maybe now we can avoid all the tangles in the jewelry box.


And I caught this happening!


Who knew I had a kid who willingly reads? This was most definitely a super proud momma moment!


And my weekend could not be complete without getting several pictures of this girl! She is absolutely beautiful and doing extremely well. Notice there is no more oxygen. That’s right, this girl is breathing on her own. I am currently taking donations for a plane ticket to Montana! Haha


So once again it was a completely busy weekend, full of lots of new memories and adventures and loads of fun! These truly are the weekends I live for!!

2 thoughts on “T.V. Interviews, Flea Markets, and Used Book Stores

  1. What part of your post am I not jealous of LOL! The pizza looked so YUMMY, the flea market fun, an orange fanta, used books, and a sweet niece! I would LOVE LOVE to go to Alaska, although I would miss the sunshine like crazy… goodluck, I hope you get to be on the show!!

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