‘Honey Do’ List…Complete?

I know I say this all the time…My husband is totally AWESOME!

Well, the truth is, I kinda really think he is!

This past weekend he went above and beyond. He finished his never-ending ‘Honey Do’ list!

We have been working in the backyard for the past couple of weekends, and I am proud to say it is almost complete.

We added some lattice to the playhouse/fort/clubhouse, which surprisingly looks like a stage. How cool is that? I need to add some curtains, lights, and a few more touches and it will be perfect!



He is so not a carpenter. He does an amazing job pretending though!



The old kitchen sink became the beginnings of a small mud kitchen for the girls. Some pots and pans should make for lots of fun memories. Sounds like it’s time to hit up the flea market. 😉



Some tricycle fun for the baby!


He also turned this old changing table into an outside gardening table for me.


I can not wait to use this thing!

He did a few things in the house too.

See, I told you…He is AWESOME!

I have to say, I am lost! I have no projects for him right now, it is very weird for me!

I think I will let him rest, for now anyways!

Beach or Backyard Redo?

This past weekend I was given the option to spend Saturday at the beach or to work on the backyard.

My first thought, why these two things?

I want to do both!

Even though it hurt my heart to turn down a day at the beach, I picked the backyard. I mean, I have been trying to get the mechanic to do something in the backyard FOREVER!! If I ever had a chance of getting it started, it was definitely now.

It is a GREAT backyard! The trees give an awesome forest feel, makes me go back to being a kid.


And it is one of the reasons I LOVE this house so much! The soon to be extended patio will go here. The sink in the corner there is from the kitchen and being saved for a mud kitchen for the girls.


With the help of all the kids and the whole day Saturday, it looks amazing!

We packed a pallet of flag stone, piece by piece, to the back. Because the mechanic is so awesome, he found all of this for almost nothing!


The 11-year-old, helped me piece together a patio. Not an easy task!


We are by no means expert patio builders or landscapers, we kind of just winged it and did it your own way.

The mechanic put down some paver sand.


These three just chilled out and watched in the shade. It was so hot!


While I spread the sand, the boys started building the tree house/fort/clubhouse.


Nothing fancy, just nice and simple in the shade.


The baby finally got her swing put up. She LOVED it! And yes, we did sunscreen and bug screen the littles.


The mechanic always says he is not a carpenter. I say it is so not true, he always does an amazing job with all the projects I give him. And this tree house/fort/clubhouse is perfect! We have to add some things…lights, curtains, plant some flowers, and a few decorations before it is totally complete.

It still works for a picnic lunch though!


We didn’t totally finish, still need to plant a few things, trim some trees, build a mud kitchen, and add some furniture. But, for now I am happy!


Yes, those are my beach chairs! They fit perfectly back there, right in the sun.