Because any day at the beach, is a good day!

Saturday found us at the beach, our first trip this year. Hopefully we have several more.

We are incredibly lucky to only live 2 1/2-3 hours, depending which one we go to, from the beach. A Saturday trip is perfect!

With the crazy rain here in Texas the last few weeks, we weren’t sure if it was really going to be a good day for the beach. But, we had such a great need for some relaxing fun in the sun. So we got up early, packed a lunch, some snacks, a cooler, and all our beach stuff and took a chance. The weather was PERFECT!

Port Aransas is a 3 hour drive, a little longer if you take the ferry, which we do. The kids love the ferry ride over. Ok, I do too! Both times we have been, we have seen dolphins. Very cool!


This is your absolute favorite place to go! The sand is clean, the water is nice, and if you go in the off-season you almost have the beach to yourself. With it being the beginning of the beach season, it was so crowded. We didn’t get there until after 11. Of course, we got a later start then what was planned.

We found a spot, and set up for a great day of sun, sand, and water!


One day, she will totally get the whole bogey board. For now, she just pretends!


Baby’s first ocean water! She still has mixed feelings about it.


This folks is totally this girl’s happy place! If the beach was in walking distance from the house, we would find her there everyday.


This one has lost her board. I just had it, where’d it go!


Because this is how we wash our feet in a bucket at the beach.


He claims to completely hate the beach! However, he rarely came out of the water.


She looks pretty happy just sitting under the umbrella.


And  we took our first step from the cooler to the chair.


I LOVE that these three LOVE being in the water. This makes my heart smile. 🙂


Even with the crowd, it was an amazing day. The baby took a 3 hour nap, in my lap, under the umbrella, while I read and listened to the waves. A nap can’t get much better then that.

We did hit a huge rain storm on the way home.

No worries though, because our day ended with this beautiful  sunset.


And for now, we are just waiting for the next day at the beach.