When a 4 year old bakes!

Baking with the kids is ALWAYS so much fun!

So when the 4-year-old wanted to bake cupcakes, of course, I said YES!

We totally cheated and used a box mix and a can of icing. As a former cake decorator, I should really slap my own hand!

My favorite, Duncan Hines! I normally try to always have a couple of boxes in the pantry, just in case. You never know when you are going to need some quick cupcakes.

She is always super excited about cupcakes! And this was completely her project, well almost!


She cracked the eggs, added butter and water, and mixed it all up. With just a tad bit of Momma’s help.


These two helped out some too!


In the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes, some time on the cooling rack, and we are ready for some icing.


I did ice them for her, nothing fancy, just used a butter knife.


And she always has to have sprinkles!


This was definitely a job only she could do.


And TA-DA! We have yummy cupcakes!


And then we got a bit carried away with the sprinkles!


Hey, life is better with sprinkles! And a happy 4-year-old!

These are the memories I totally LOVE!!

Chili cheese dog pizza

Having the kids help cook dinner is an everyday thing in this house.

Everyone must take their turn. Most of the time they get to pick what they cook.

Sometimes it can get pretty weird!

So Sunday night when we decided to make our own pizzas, I was not too shocked when they wanted to make a chili cheese dog pizza. I will admit though, that I was a bit shocked they all agreed.

We started with a packaged crust mix, just add some water. I know, not from scratch. Don’t judge me! It was clean and simple.


Some hot dog cutting for one and crust duty for another.


Add a can of chili instead of sauce.


Then on to the placing of the hot dog pieces. She looks so excited!


Baby helped out with some cheese. Ok, so she played with most of it.


Put that thing in the oven and TA-DA! Chili cheese dog pizza!


At first, all I kept thinking was how gross are my kids?

Once it was finished, it was really not much different then it being on a bun. And it must have tasted good. There was only a small piece leftover for someone’s lunch the next day.