The most BEAUTIFUL bride EVER!

It has been a crazy, busy couple of weeks. The day finally came, this past weekend, my baby sister said ‘I do!’

For those of you who truly know me, you know I am completely in love with my sisters. This trip with them had its ups and its down, that’s for sure. From the two day wedding cake adventure, beads falling off a dress, lost necklaces, me bringing the bride the wrong earrings, the bride and groom still getting ready 15 minutes after starting time, a flower girl who wouldn’t flower, a ring bearer who disappeared for a minute during the ceremony, arguments, lots of agruments…hey, we are human, not perfect and I never said we always get along.

I knew there would be issues. No wedding goes absolutely according to plan. All of these things, I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for however, was how absolutely beautiful she would be! Don’t get me wrong, I knew she would be beautiful. I was just not prepared for it.

I wasn’t prepared for how proud I would be watching my son walk her down the aisle because only he could give her away. He is her first true love after all.

sheliawedding (2)

I wasn’t prepared for her gorgeous┬ásmile and all the thoughts I had about everything I wanted to say to her about life. Most of which I’m sure she already knows.


And I wasn’t prepared for what should have been her Father/Daughter dance but instead was her Nephew/Aunt dance. I can’t imagine a more perfect moment then this one. And how Daddy must have been looking down, thinking how perfectly amazing this moment was.


The day was full of great memories. Every single person who had a part in making it happen, did an amazing job. A beautiful outdoor wedding in the middle of July in Missouri, is a hard thing to pull off. But, through all the issues that popped up and went wrong, there couldn’t have been a more beautiful bride EVER!

Tickled Pink…or Blue!

I am super excited to finally be able to tell a huge secret!

The past 10 weeks have been some of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, up and down emotional weeks as a big sister.

FINALLY, after several miscarriages in the last couple of years, we have made it to almost 17 weeks! This has been such a huge struggle. Anyone who has had infertility problems knows how stressful and emotional it gets.

But, we are finally here and I am super excited to be an aunt again. I know this is it and we are almost there!


After 10 weeks of keeping my mouth shut, crying in the bathroom after every doctors appointment cuz we still have a baby, trying not to get too excited, and really needing another nephew or niece, I get to finally say WE (my sister Sam) ARE FINALLY HAVING A BABY!!!!!

When did this happen?

So today we went and got my baby boy fitted for his tux for the wedding. His first tux!

When the heck did this happen?

He looks so grown up!

Slow down, PLEASE!!

I remember, it was just yesterday, bringing him home. He was so cute and tiny! When he rolled over, his first words, his first steps, his first day of school, his first fight, his first little girlfriend…all these things are stuck in a file folder labeled ‘Hunter’ in my head.

But, here he is, almost 13. Looking all grown up and getting ready to walk my ‘baby’ sister down the aisle.




How does this happen so very fast?


My current situation!

So, my baby sister is getting married in July!

Crazy to think she is even old enough to drive or have a job, let alone get married! But the fact is, she is and will actually be 27 this year!

Holy cow! Where did the time go?


Isn’t she so pretty? There’s 9 1/2 years between us, she is kinda like one of my babies. Yes, I am very proud of her!

I’d do just about anything she asked. Which explains my current situation!


Flowers and ribbon for daisy crowns for 3 flower girls. Tulle, ribbon, and flowers for 3 flower girl dresses. Ribbon, twine, flowers, wire, and pieces for the cake topper and to decorate the cake. And fabric for quilt tops for 100 hay bales, yes 100!

Today was my day to work! The mechanic is away for work. So today was the perfect work day, right?


I am totally and completely distracted!

By what?

By this one, who wants to just sit and drink a cup of coffee with his Momma! I know, coffee…BAD!


And this one, who wants to lay in bed just a little bit longer. Who could tell that face no? Not me!


And this one, who just wants to play with her barn.

I know! She actually has on clothes! Score for Momma today!


This one, who wants me to PLEASE check all the extra schoolwork she has done today. She just knows she can get finished with 2nd grade early!


And then there is this one! I mean how long can you play The Voice on the xBox?

The past 3 hours, that’s how long!


So while it hasn’t been a productive wedding work day, it has been an amazing day enjoying time with the kiddos. And that’s what makes life great, right?

Here’s to a more productive work day tomorrow!

Because he LOVES cars!

I have to say that I am not really all that smart when it comes to cars. But, I am totally in LOVE with a car man!

We haven’t had a project car in the garage in a couple months. Sadly, they sit in the driveway because I have taken over the garage. So when Michael started talking about pulling one in, I kinda felt bad. And today, cleaned out the garage!

Is it perfect? NO!

Is all my junk out of there? NO!

Can he put a car or truck in there and work? YES!

Today I feel accomplished!

With the Lonestar Roundup being in Austin this very rainy weekend, I thought I’d share some pics from last year. The rain just might keep us away this year. Very sad, I do LOVE a good car show!

The Ford Falcon, we had in the show. I really miss this little car!


Getting a little pinstriping.


I LOVE this one!


Because sometimes, you need a little creepy!


And sometimes, you just need to wear a headdress!


Everyone needs a good work truck!


Michael’s favorite!


And probably, one of my most favorite pics EVER of Katie!


Here’s to hoping the rain goes away!