Sleeping in and flowerbeds

I have found myself sleeping in quite a bit lately. For most this would be a great thing and yes, I enjoy it on occasion. But honestly, sleeping til 9 ruins my whole day. I always feel so rushed and like I am just not on schedule. That’s a crazy thought, me being a schedule kinda girl!

So, this week I have made myself stay up once the mechanic leaves for work. Let me tell you, it has been hard! I just want to lay back down and cuddle up under the covers.

One thing I do enjoy is the quietness the house has first thing in the mornings, when all the kids are still asleep. I sit in the kitchen, at the table with my laptop and all I hear is the very low humming of the fridge and the birds out the window. I should really put a feeder by it or something.

And the flowerbeds in the morning are awesome! Everything is all perked up and awake. This morning while I was watering the front beds, I was so glad to see that just about everything was in bloom. I did not let all of the plants we planted this year die.





These are actually in the backyard! They are so pretty though, I had to share.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, I am in LOVE with early mornings!

The start of a herb garden

Well this past weekend, I did it! I started a herb garden, right in my kitchen window.

I have absolutely no idea how to grow herbs. I am hoping it is not too hard.

A herb garden is something I have been wanting to have a go at for a couple years, nothing huge, just a small kitchen window one. I hadn’t planned on starting so soon, I wanted to do some more research, get some pots, be more prepared. However, we were at the Home Depot, they were on sale, so why not?

I did decide to only start with a few. I don’t want to kill a ton of herbs here. Eventually, adding more would be awesome!

So, here it is! Spicy Basil…the little leaves are beautiful!

Sage…it smells incredible! I have found myself walking over and just smelling it.


Rosemary…I am pretty sure I have some of this in my front flowerbed!


And some parsley…YUMMY.


As you can see, they are all still in the containers from the store, I haven’t found pots yet. I could be a little scared to pot them. What is wrong with me? Growing herbs is easy, right?

Jalapeno Peppers, Please


A few weeks ago, me and the girls decided to go ahead and plant these seeds we had lying around for over a year. We weren’t really sure they would do anything, but here they are, growing into little Jalapeno plants, ready to be transferred into a bigger pot. Maybe one day in the not so far future, we will be sharing a pic of an actually pepper. That is if we don’t kill these first!

Growing pineapples

I am a Pinterest freak! I LOVE all the ideas and sharing, from schooling to crafting to recipes to gardening to well, just everything!

So when I saw a pin with foods to grow from scraps, I got super excited.

My kiddos LOVE pineapple or as the 4-year-old likes to call them…Spongebob’s house.

Who knew you could grow a pineapple with the tops of an old one? Not me!

A very old picture of these two!


This is super easy to do!

1. Pick out a pineapple. I looked for one that had a really pretty top.

2. Twist off the top.

3. Pull off a few of the bottom layers of leaves.

4. Put top in a cup of water. An old pickle jar, salsa jar, mason jar works really well.


Be sure and keep your water clean.

Before long little roots will start shooting out  the bottom and you can plant them in soil. We waited probably a month or longer before actually planting ours.

We have done this several times and only had two that did not produce roots.

Right now we have three going. As a homeschooling family, we like to call this a Science experiment. We have also had some success doing this with celery and lettuce.


Now I don’t really know if these will ever produce us any actual fruit. Or how long it will take if they do. For now we are just happy trying.

It’s a start!

The last two days have made me feel very productive! I remembered just how much I LOVE to be outside! Somewhere along the way, I lost it. Very excited to have found it again.

Finishing up the extension of the flowerbed was my project this morning. Planting a few more plants and mulching.

And it turned out perfect!

We added several new to me plants. I really hope I don’t kill them!

Some Rosemary and Lavender!

DSCF7108 DSCF7109

I read they repel mosquitos. Really hoping that it’s true. What is it with South Texas and all day long mosquitos?

Dianthus and Gaura

DSCF7114 DSCF7122

Some that I am familiar with and know I can grow!



And one of my all time favorites…Hostas! Not sure why I love these. I always have. Every single flowerbed I have ever had has had these. It could be because they are so easy to grow and even easier to separate. If you have just one, eventually you can have a dozen.


Of course I added back my flamingos. Can not have a flowerbed without these guys.


And my Gnomes! Because all great gardens have Gnomes!

This little guy works so hard all the time. Poor little fella!


While this one just sits and talks all day. Could be his frog princess, never know!


I should really drag out some paint and touch these two up. A project for another day.

I have so many ideas going through my head to make this an amazing front yard…going around the tree with the flowerbed, a trellis at the side of the patio with ivy, a fairy garden by the tree. The list goes on and on. The mechanic will be exhausted with all the work I have added to that ‘Honey Do’ list.

For now though, I am very happy to just sit back and look. It’s a start!

DSCF7115 DSCF7107

Did I mention I also mowed and raked up three bags of leaves?

The planting begins!

I am totally in love with flower gardens!

The ones that are totally full and out of control, maybe like a country cottage feeling garden.

So my journey has begun to get back into my yard and work. Yesterday, I started!


What I started out with, a simple, straight flowerbed. But I need curves and hard to mow areas. And I dream of extending it out and around the front tree!

I must take baby steps!

So plants were bought. Not many, but a start.


I had my helpers. We can take the morning off from schoolwork, right? Why yes, we can! After all that is one of the reasons we homeschool, is to be on our on time, our own schedule. Plus gardening is learning.


So we got out the shovel, dug up some grass and extended the flowerbed.

These two, up to no good I am sure! They LOVE being outside. Big THANKS to South Texas for the nice weather.


I almost forgot how much I enjoyed being outside working in the yard. Who knows, maybe I will just go ahead and go around that tree earlier then I expected.

A big shout out to Lola over at  for her post about these pretty balloon flowers. Thanks for inspiring me to FINALLY get out in the yard!


Can’t wait to watch them grow!

So, I am off to plant a couple more flowers and put down some mulch.

Container Gardening? Advice? PLEASE HELP!

Ok, so, yes I am alittle late about deciding we need to plant a garden.

The fact is, well, I am a procrastinator! BIG TIME!

I do not always have a green thumb when it comes to growing things, even though I really, really want to have one. I just don’t!

There really is not a whole lot of gardening space in the backyard. But, I could definitely do some container gardening.

My question is though, can this be done inside?

I have a GREAT kitchen window! It gets loads of sunlight. Very old pic from when we first bought this house.


I am wondering, can I grow tomatoes, peppers, and onions in my kitchen window?

Any thoughts or advice on container gardening? Inside or outside. What grows best in containers? What should I stay away from?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!