Learning with a 4-year-old

This summer we are totally getting geared up for some PreK learning. This should be easy, right?

The truth is, for me, it’s just a bit scary!

Ok, I am totally terrified!

When we started homeschooling the older kids, they had already been in public schools for a few years. Someone else had been in charge of teaching them phonics, how to┬árecognize letters, how to write, and to read. I was just kind of an at home teacher’s aide who helped when they had a problem.

Now the younger kids, I am completely responsible for. There is no one else to blame if we don’t get it right!


See why this is scary?

So my plan…

1. Find fun learning websites…check! She is in LOVE with ABC mouse. We have been working with it since January. And she does not need Momma to navigate through it. All the mechanics kids are crazy smart with a computer!

2. Lots and lots of books to read and workbooks…check! Thanks to the two used book stores down the road for making reading with 6 kids more affordable. The Dollar Tree also had several different workbooks and with the help of my little laminating machine, the mechanic bought me, they are all now dry erase pages.

This is her PLEASE can I write in this book face!


And I have to say, she does a pretty mean A!


3. As many different flashcards as I can find or make…check! We have ABC’s, shapes, colors, site words, addition, and subtraction.


4. Magnetic and felt boards…check! These pizza pans are perfect for only $.88 at Wal-Mart. Canvas boards wrapped in felt are AWESOME fun!


5. Her own workspace…check! She bought this little table at a yard sale last fall, it makes the perfect little desk. The little red bear stool the mechanic found at a thrift store for like $3, fits just right!


6. And total organization of all home school supplies…check! The kids old toys boxes made great shelves once we took the lids off. Each kid has their own box for papers, pencils, notebooks, binders, and books.


I do feel somewhat more prepared for this journey but, at the same time, still completely terrified!

It’s going to take a lot of patience, love, work, and understanding, but we so got this!

Charlotte’s Web


Today we started reading Charlotte’s Web, again.

This book is absolutely one of my all time favorites!

How could you not just LOVE a story about a pig?

Of course now, the 4 year old wants to buy a farm and get a pig, a cow, a goose, sheep, a horse, and a spider!

When we first started homeschooling, 2 years ago, reading together was a big part of our day. Somewhere along the way, in the rush of the ‘Oh my gosh, we have to finish this’ and ‘Oh we are so far off schedule’ and all the rushing around to get things finished before a certain time, we lost our reading time.

I mean this is one of the reasons we chose to pull them out of public school, right? To be able to do these kinds of things together, at our own pace, with no rush.

Today, I took that time back!

And I could not think of a better book to start with!

So here’s to lots off front porch swing or cuddled up on the couch reading!

Math is crazy!

Math is crazy in our house! One learning fractions, one on multiplication, another on time, and a little learning to count. It’s a wonder I still have any hair.

I have found some amazing embroidery design that have helped out in our world of Math. I love working with felt! Felt learning boards, finger puppets, busy bags, busy books, games! Felt and learning, get a big thumbs up from me!


Felt number boards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division! This has been a fun addition to the everyday Math facts.

It has a nice little pocket in the back for storing all the numbers.


Felt clocks for learning time! I don’t think Katie would have EVER got time down if it hadn’t been for this thing. She just could not get that each number counted as 5 minutes.

I never realized how differently each kid learns. Not until almost 2 years ago when we started this wonderful homeschool journey.

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/226081599/felt-flower-clocklearning-funhomeschool

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/224144285/felt-math-learning-boardeducational