Room with a view!

Yellowstone, 2012

Going through old pictures is always so much fun for me. I LOVE remembering all our adventures. This one is from a trip the kids and I took with my Mom to see my sister in Montana almost 3 years ago. We took a night and day in Yellowstone, this was the view from our room. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every morning.

I LOVE cows!


I LOVE cows! I am not sure why but, I find them to be very beautiful. Yes, I am a little strange. Maybe they take me back to my roots, make me think of my Daddy. We found these cute little guys on vacation a few weeks ago at the Grand Canyon, on a off road trail. Just look at those faces!!

Umbrella view


Oh, how I would LOVE for this to be my view today! Relaxing in a beach chair, sitting in the sun, listening to the kids play in the water, with a good book and a big glass of sweet tea.

Good Morning Ladybug!


This morning while I was giving my flowers a drink, I found this little guy. Or lady! The 9-year-old automatically told me that farmers like ladybugs, they are good luck! Looks like today could be a good day for me.

Mystery Flower


When my kids come in from outside saying ‘Hey, look what I found!’ I normally get scared.

Today, the great find was this little flower, weed, plant, I have no clue what it is. I do imagine though, there is a tiny, tiny, tiny little Who somewhere in there waiting for Horton.