Rearranging, laundry, and Big Hero 6

When I woke up this morning and decided to pull everything out of my bedroom and rearrange/organize it, I really wish someone would have smacked me and told me NO!

I am a total packrat!

My bedroom is the one place where everything that does not have a home goes to stay. I mean, we have lived in this house for almost two years and I still have unpacked boxes. I know, it is all stuff I can probably live without.

We had a somewhat quick Social Studies lesson about maps and directions. North, south, east, and west, very important things to know. We always do Social Studies together.

Then the older two did some individual Math and Language Arts, while the 9-year-old played kitchen with the baby. As soon as I got the older two started for the day, I got started on the bedroom.

Now let me tell you, this was a big job moving all the furniture (three dressers, my work table, the baby’s bed, a sewing table, two chairs, and a treadmill, that I don’t use nearly as much as I should). I had to move my work table twice to make room for the treadmill that I insist on keeping, because I will start using it again one day soon. I don’t think there is one piece of furniture that ended up where I had originally planned for it to be.

I did get everything moved around a little after lunchtime, all the boxes can wait until tomorrow to start being gone through. This was great for me because then I got to spend most of the afternoon with the 4-year-old and the baby.

We had a giant peeking in the windows of the Barbie house. She has just started to really be confident with the whole walking thing. It is incredibly funny to see those chubby little legs move.


Since Momma and Daddy’s room is somewhat organized, it makes for great fun to be an explorer. All that laundry I just folded and put away, she found it.


The clothes in the top drawers were not safe either. It took her forever to get it, I honestly was starting to get worried she was just never going to walk, now she just won’t stop!


This is such a fun age! Seeing their eyes light up over the simplest things, watching them explore and discover.

We finally got to watch Big Hero 6. This made the 4-year-old extremely happy. She loves that the green chair was moved to the bedroom.


We finished up just in time to go watch for Daddy by the front door. One of her all time favorite things to do.


Big props to Momma today, the baby is kind of dressed.

Tomorrow brings lots of boxes to go through but today, today was kind of wonderful!

Crazy day friday

Today has been a little insane for me! One of the longest days EVER!!

What I really wanted to do this morning, was go back to bed. However, this was not an option today.

It was an early morning of trying to finish up the last bit of schoolwork for the past year. Yes, we sometimes are slackers! That is why we home school all year round. We still have two weeks before I have the next school year scheduled to start, but I really thought a month off would be nice. Oh well, a week is good too!

Most of the morning was Math and Language Arts mixed with a couple of get up and move breaks. Nothing really exciting, the metric system and how to give an oral presentation for one kid. Reading comprehension for another. Multiplication for another. We are all over the place these days.

All the excitement can after lunch, which was earlier than normal.

I finally caught the baby walking. She always seems to stop when she sees me with the camera, kinda looks at me, smiles, and giggles, like haha…this is not happening.

I really wish I could figure out how to load the video here. Seems I could be a slight bit technically challenged.

We started a 1000 piece puzzle and watched two episodes of Bill Nye, the Science Guy on Netflix.


I really do love all the documentaries and educational shows they have added.

And a mom life lesson, one I should be fully aware of, a quiet baby is not a good thing.

What two jars of sprinkles? Sprinkles? I don’t know what you are talking about!


That face though, pretty sure Momma’s cake supplies are no longer safe!

We have started having family reading time together. The perfect book for this bunch right now. I really enjoy being able to share books with the kids that I read when I was younger.


And the 4-year-old found her rock collection. These things have been put up for over a year and a half, how she remembered where they were I have no idea. She does love her rocks!


And we are ending the day with crazy hair and a dinosaur invasion in the living room.


It has been an incredibly busy day. I feel a great need for a long nap and am so glad it is Friday.

Here’s to hoping for a relaxing weekend on the couch with the tv, kids, and the mechanic!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!

It is incredibly hard to believe that this time last year we were sitting in the hospital trying to stop contractions. Well, it didn’t work! This stubborn little girl was beyond ready to make her appearance, even if it was 5 weeks too early.


I was a total nervous wreck! This was my 5th baby, 5th c-section and the most scared I had ever been. We were in a new state, my Mom didn’t have time to get here, none of my sisters were here, it was just me and the mechanic. This was when I truly knew, without a doubt, I could count on him forever.

The NICU was definitely in our future, 13 long, crazy days. The mechanic, totally amazing, right by her side. He knew all the details, all the right questions to ask, and took great care of everything (work, the doctors, the kids at home, the baby, and me).


Eating was a big challenge for her but, she finally got it! I will never forget the day she decided she no longer needed that feeding tube and pulled it out.


It’s funny how with every kid all the things they do is like being a first time parent all over again. Every first is still such a big deal.

We have definitely had an exciting year, that’s for sure.

From our first beach trip, napping under the umbrella.


To helping Daddy with some paperwork!


Learning we really, really like the drums!


And your very first Happy Meal!


She had her first long road trip where we discovered she is NOT a very good long distance traveler.


Discovered that the swing is a really good place to spend the afternoon and nap.


More beach trips…She is definitely a Beach Bum Baby!


Playing in the kitchen, one of the best things ever!


And even enjoy reading the paper while waiting for breakfast to cook.


She is always waiting with a smile, absolutely refuses to totally walk by herself or completely give up the bottle. LOVES to torture Rylee by always wanting to play with her LPS, napping with Dixie, laughing at Katie, and giving the boys weird looks. She totally adores her Daddy and is a complete Momma’s girl. She was a complete surprise and totally is my serendipity!

I can not wait to see all the new things she discovers and learns to enjoy! So Happy 1st Birthday Miss Reagan Jayne! There is absolutely no way I could tell you just how much I LOVE YOU!


Happy Father’s Day to Heaven

This week has been incredibly emotional for me. This Sunday, which happens to be Father’s Day, makes 13 years since the day I lost my Daddy. His passing was not completely unexpected, he had been really sick for years. But it was entirely too early.

My Daddy was a GREAT man, the BEST! I am not just saying that because he was mine either. He genuinely cared about everyone around him. His love for his family was the most important thing in his life. He was caring, hardworking, respectful, and very proudly served his country for 20 years.


This week also came with another good man who received his angel wings a little to soon. I had not seen him for many years, but his family was a big part of mine for a long time. I remember dinners, birthdays, a wedding, and lots of laughs. Thankfully, Facebook has allowed us all to reconnect over the past couple year. Like my Daddy, he had a great LOVE for his family, was hardworking, and also proudly served his country. This is him with my sister Sam.


This time of year is always a little rough for me, but with his passing it has brought a lot of those feelings back that I had 13 years ago. I wish I had some words to say to make it feel better but there really is nothing anyone can say, words don’t take away the pain.

The part of you, the unselfish part, is happy that he is no longer in any pain and you don’t have to see him suffer any more. The other part, the very selfish part, that is the part that is mad. That’s the part that wants to know why him? Why my Daddy? That is the part that wants to just have him there, no matter what. To be able to hug his neck one more time, kiss his forehead, to be able to just smell him, hear his laugh, see his face light up when he smiles, and listen to his stories for the 1,589th time.

I can say this, it is very hard and takes a long time but it will get better. Do you ever really forget the pain? No, you don’t! Do you ever think about them? Yes, you do, every single day of your whole life!

My Daddy has been with me every single day for the past 13 years. I remember our good times, our bad times, our laughs, our cries. I remember holidays, birthdays, the day he came home from Desert Storm, and so many more. I remember how I never once questioned just how much he loved me. I remember the little smile he got on his face the day he found out he was going to be a Grandpa for the very first time. I remember his excitement that he was the first to feel the baby kick, even though he never actually got to meet that baby. I see him every time the baby smiles that certain way. And even though he is not hear with, he is. He is alive in all my memories and my thoughts every single day.


So here is a huge HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to Heaven to two of the GREATEST fathers I have ever known!

Quest for organization

I am still on my quest for complete organization.

Yeah, it’s not going so well. Today, I found a piece of artwork my 26-year-old sister did in school!

Why do I have this?

Totally packrat of all things given to me, that’s why!

But, my quest continues.

With summer almost here I find myself almost panicked. In less than two weeks we add another person to our house. The mechanics 16-year-old son has decided to totally move in and will be here in 8 short days.

Hoping the extra testosterone will help balance out the overflowing estrogen.

So today, I have set out on my mission to get started.

First thing was to move the table in the play area to the master bedroom, maybe this will free up some space. The table is huge and had to be taken apart. The mechanic and my son made me this table 3 years ago for my birthday. I LOVE this table! Originally it was a swing turned into dining room table. Now it will become a great workspace for this Momma to get back to some creating.


While it’s a project that will probably take several days to complete, I have finally it started.

I can not wait to work in front of this window with the sunshine!

Queen of unfinished projects

I am most definitely the queen of unfinished projects!

The half painted master bath.

The half painted master bedroom.

The unfinished kitchen cabinets. Yes, I know, I said I was going to finish those. It wasn’t too long ago that the mechanic told me I should let you guys know they were still waiting for me.

The unfinished blanket at the end of my bed.

The stack of crochet beanies that need the finishing touches added to them.

So, when I saw this I thought YES!


Even though we are very successful at keeping the house clean, I have an extreme lack of organization in my work area.

When my mind gets to spinning, there are times when it is not just the kids who are still in their pjs. And occasionally throughout the day, I am sure it does look like we have been robbed. Or hit be a tornado.

But, that’s ok!

As long as there are unfinished projects, I will always have something to do, right?

Front porch swinging

Front porch swings…one of the greatest things EVER!

There is just something kinda wonderful about sitting on the porch swinging. For me it could be all the memories I have of sitting on my Mamaw’s swing as a kid. With my daddy being in the Army, we always lived off somewhere. When we visited though, we would swing and sing. I so LOVE that woman!

Since I worked incredibly hard on the front yard the last two days and because the mechanic is totally awesome, last night, he put up my swing for me.


We bought this thing at a yard sale a few months ago. It may have at one time been a park bench. The garage has been its home until about a month ago when I brought it to the front patio. My plan was for it to find a home in the backyard. But as I looked at it yesterday trying to decide where exactly in the backyard it should go, those two hooks already in the ceiling hollered at me. They said ‘Hey you, look, we are up here spaced out perfectly. Hang the swing here!’ That’s exactly what I did.

This morning when I got up I had no clue half my day would be spent on the swing.

This little munchkin really likes it. We have had two naps swing today.


And this one, refuses to even go in the house. Lunch was ate on the swing. Learning was done on the swing. We sang and counted on the swing.


It has been unusually cool today here in South Texas. A nice, almost too cold breeze has been blowing most of the day.

I wonder if they will still want to swing all day when it is like 150 out there. But for now, I am just going to enjoy sitting with them swinging.

Sunflowers and tutus

I finally did it! Today, I made myself finish the flower girls’ dresses for my sister’s wedding. I have a complete lack of motivation here lately. Some kind of weird funk I seriously need to get out of.

So this morning I drank an extra big cup of coffee and made it happen. I am so glad because these things are absolutely adorable! I can not wait until July to see the girls wear them.

wpid-20150427_165548.jpgWe had to clean Hobby Lobby out of all their yellow spools of tulle twice. Thankfully, they only had a few of each, making us use 3 different colors. They would have definitely not turned out as pretty as they are if we had just went with one color like we had planned. Unexpected roadblock that turned out to be AWESOME!

12 weeks and 2 days left! Now on to some headbands!

What’s for dinner?

Chores in our house are always so crazy! Yes, we have a chore chart and we have been doing them the same way for over 6 months now. But, it seems like there is still always so much confusion.

So last week when I added ‘HELP WITH DINNER’ to the list, I was kinda worried. Mostly about what kind of mess there would be. And is she/he not going to eat that because he/she cooked it or he/she touched it?  This is one of the main issues in our house right now! Put five kids in the same house and it’s bound to happen. I am guessing it is an age thing?

But, I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the skills going on these days in our kitchen. And the lack of fighting over dinner, well somewhat.


Like this guy right here! He has never really just jumped up and helped with dinner. It’s just not his thing. Imagine my surprise, I’m in the living room hearing noises in the kitchen, go in there and he is cooking! He did it all! From getting out pans to adding water and noodles to cutting and buttering the bread, adding sauce, and fixing the plates. This kid even took the bread out of the oven!

And I’d say he did a pretty good job! No complaints from anyone about this spaghetti!


Then there is this girl, she has been helping in the kitchen for a couple years now. It seems to be her thing, cooking and baking.


She is turning into a master of the kitchen! Cooking meat, cutting tomatoes, shredding lettuce, fixing plates. This girl does it all!

And from the looks of this Taco salad, I won’t have to worry about her not eating because she can’t cook.



Adding ‘HELP WITH DINNER’ to their chores was most definitely an awesome idea! These kids totally surprise me almost everyday! I can’t wait to see what’s for dinner when it comes around to Katie’s dinner night!

You take the good, you take the bad

So today has definitely been one of those days! You know, the ones where you question all your parenting skills.

Did I do this and that right? Did I do the right thing, taking them out of school away from other people to homeschool? Am I really able to teach them all they need to know? Are they really learning? Is it my fault they can’t get along? Is that the right punishment? If I take away their electronics, does that mean I should give mine up too?

Momma needs a time out!!

I wish everyday could just be all about fun! No problems! No worries! No fighting! Yes, I realize that’s just not how life works!

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…The Facts of Life!

And no, the whole day hasn’t been completely bad. We had a great walk this morning, a nice breakfast, and danced around the living room to some Uptown Funk!

Maybe it was the rainy afternoon? Who knows? I certainly don’t! But the fact is, you do have to take the good with the bad! No, they are not going to be perfect! Yes, they have worries and doubts and concerns. Yes, they are only human and so not perfect. But together, through all the chaos, fighting, worries, and imperfections…we make a great team and are perfectly perfect together! And I wouldn’t take away any of my days with them. Good days, bad days…they are all good as long as we are together!

So here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow!