T.V. Interviews, Flea Markets, and Used Book Stores

WOW! Seems like, here lately, everything is just so busy! There is almost no time to just sit back and breathe.

This past weekend was definitely a busy one, but was so much fun.

Our excitement actually started Thursday, the mechanic found an ad looking for families to be on a new t.v. show. Of course, we are completely crazy and had to apply. I mean what are the chances of them actually contacting us, right?

Well funny thing, they did! Imagine my shock when the mechanic calls Thursday afternoon to say we have a family interview Friday at 5!

Say WHAT???

Yeah, it was so much fun to do! Honestly, I think we have absolutely no chance of being picked but, it was an amazing experience. I mean who doesn’t want to go to Alaska for 60 days of darkness? The week and a half wait for them to call back, has been like torture! We are still waiting!

So Friday night, we celebrated with pizza!  I wish I could capture her face when she sees the breadstick box.

imageSaturday morning found us headed to the flea market. It seems like FOREVER since we have been. Traffic, as usual, was awful!


The 4-year-old was so ready for some flea marketing. I do believe she has switched from her pink boots to her wedding boots. She scored a few LPS blind bags.


There was a small Elmo take over! Made me miss my Aunt Cindy like crazy! She is an Elmo freak and a new grandma, the poor baby is gonna have to love Elmo too.


After the flea market, we stopped at one of the half price bookstores. I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite places to go. I just love the happy feeling the lined up and stacks of books give me. Yes, I am extremely weird about books!


The baby LOVES them too!


And since we have recently decided to throw out the curriculum and give unschooling a shot, I was completely excited to find these games and workbooks.


And I picked up several History books at the flea market for almost nothing.


I am not entirely sure how this new way of learning is going to work for us. I am very excited about it though. Really hoping it helps us to free up some time and have a little more fun. I would really like to be able to start working on my Etsy shop again.

On the way home, we stopped at the Mexican meat market down the road to get something to cook for dinner. The mechanic is AWESOME on the grill!

So, why not get a bottle of pop too? This stuff is so good!


Sunday was an at home kind of day. Me and the girls finished up our sun catcher mobile and hung it in the kitchen window. I so forgot all the time it takes to put all those melty beads in these things. It was worth it, because it looks amazing hanging there.


I also got to make something to hold my earrings. Maybe now we can avoid all the tangles in the jewelry box.


And I caught this happening!


Who knew I had a kid who willingly reads? This was most definitely a super proud momma moment!


And my weekend could not be complete without getting several pictures of this girl! She is absolutely beautiful and doing extremely well. Notice there is no more oxygen. That’s right, this girl is breathing on her own. I am currently taking donations for a plane ticket to Montana! Haha


So once again it was a completely busy weekend, full of lots of new memories and adventures and loads of fun! These truly are the weekends I live for!!

I am a total blogging slacker!!

So I just realized that it has been like two weeks since I last blogged.

Gwah! I am a total blogging slacker!

It has been a crazy two weeks though, getting ready to start back with a new homeschooling year, we took an unplanned beach day, which was wonderful! I completely rearranged the living room and playroom, again. Everything is finally organized!

This weekend was a very relaxing one. Friday night, I finally got another date night with the mechanic. These are very, very rare! I tried very hard to enforce a weekly date night without much luck. The 4-year-old is absolutely against momma going anywhere without her, so it takes a lot of convincing.

Yes, when you are a parent of littles, they kind of control you!

It is ok though, they don’t want you around very long.

We were actually invited by one of the mechanic’s mechanics to go listen to his father in law play at a little bar. If you are a stay at home momma who hardly ever adults, you know how exciting this was for me.

Other adults? Yes, PLEASE!

I do love my babies more than anything and do not want to spend my days doing anything else, but sometimes adulting is a good thing.

You can tell I don’t get out much, I was totally in love with the fact that this little bar had chickens. Yes, this is stuff you can’t make up. I loved meeting new people and eating pancakes at midnight. Call me crazy but chickens and pancakes just make me happy.


We got home way later than we had planned. It was so much fun!

And since the mechanic is so awesome, he entertained the kids Saturday morning so I could sleep in.

I woke up after noon!

This is what I found.


It did not matter to me one bit that this was my clean playroom on Friday night.

Since I slept most of the day, we just chilled out at home.

The baby played pick up sticks with the straws. Shhhh….don’t tell the other kids, I totally put them back in the straw holder.


The 4-year-old helped with giving the baby a bath. This is so her thing to do these days. She does a great job!


Sunday was an adventure. There was a peddler/craft expo we wanted to go to. Funny how our GPS has no clue where we are going half the time, we never actually found the expo. We did find a mall we had never been to. Cookies and a new shirt made me happy!

Two different Wal-Marts and all the kids were happy too!

I should mention, we found that expo on the way home after it was over.

Sunday normally means a big dinner.

The mechanic makes the best meatloaf!


We were totally carbed up this weekend. The next two weeks I am going to have to be so mean to myself to get back on track with the low carbs.

I would have to say though, that this weekend has been one of the best we have had this summer.

And I am going to definitely have to stop being a total blogging slacker!

Growing up, new basil, and biscuits

This weekend was incredibly relaxing! And believe me, after last week, we needed it.

It did start with a sad mommy moment, Friday afternoon when the 4 year-old said “Momma, I want bangs!”


“Well I think they will be so cute!”

All the thoughts and feelings going through my head…why? You are a baby! You don’t want to cut your hair! Your curls, we can’t cut your curls! Haircuts mean growing up! NO! You can’t! You just can’t! Momma is not ready!

“You will have to talk to Daddy about that!”

Yes, that’s it, ask Daddy! Daddy will say ‘NO!’

Well, I was wrong, Daddy said ‘YES!’

She was absolutely right! They are totally adorable!


Friday also brought our weekly grocery trip. That is really supposed to be every other week but with 6 kids, every week is almost a must. We also ALWAYS go over budget, which results in a small, we like to call it ‘I don’t know how we went over budget again?’ mental breakdown from the mechanic.

These two…they LOVE the grocery adventures!


And since our basil died while we were away last week, we decided to pick up another plant.


Saturday morning came with big flea market plans, until the 4-year-old came in the bedroom wanting biscuits.

With her sweet little face “Daddy, I want biscuits.”

The mechanic “We have a can in the fridge.”

“Uh…but I need to roll them in the flour!”

You have to know, that until recently, the 11-year-old had no clue you could even buy biscuits in a can.

So, of course, we made biscuits!



A future baker? Could be!


That face though, makes getting to the flea market after most people had packed up for the day, completely worth it.

The rest of the weekend, was pretty much spent on the couch watching movies together.

Home, such a cute little alien movie!

Disney’s The Descendants, I just love that the villains have kids! I did wonder why they chose Jafar and Cruella De Vil, then I started thinking about Disney villains, most of them are animals. I will add that this movie has been played at least 5 more times since Saturday night.

That’s ok though, because I think these are the moments that make being a parent, amazing!

Cranky baby, muddy feet and blanket forts

This weekend, absolutely PERFECT! Well, minus the incredibly cranky, teething baby running a fever. Bless her heart, she was miserable most of the weekend. I have five kids and she is the first to cut four teeth at the same time.

It was totally spent at home! No outings, no adventures, no stores. Except the usual grocery trip on Friday night. I know, we are party animals!

Friday night was pretty much a not much sleep kinda night. That made Saturday a sleep in kinda day.

OK, 8:30 was about it for me and the mechanic. I did let the kiddos sleep til about 10.

We had a late breakfast of bacon, eggs, and sausage. I am on two weeks of low carbs, so we skipped the usual Saturday biscuits and gravy.

Breakfast on the weekends normally take about 2-3 hours start to finish for us. I think it’s all the talking and fooling around that goes on. Hey, we don’t really have any place to be and it makes for some great QT as a family. This is also when we plan out what we are going to do that day.

Maybe later, the bookstore, this is mainly just me. I have two series I have been reading and am in great need of the last book for both! Maybe the flea market? The 4-year-old is on the hunt for a new LPS and we all LOVE a good flea market. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?

First though, the boys need money. For what? I am not completely sure but, they have decided to take the mechanic up on the whole wash the van and mini cooper. So it was outside for us.

A few weeks ago, I told the mechanic there was no sense in buying a new water hose, ours only had a small hole. I should have listened because it is now three or four holes. OOPS!


But the hose spraying everywhere gave me a great idea.

SPRINKLER!! Yes, I ran through it a few times too. It’s Texas! It’s HOT!


I really think this was the first time the 4-year-old had ever played with the water hose this way. She had a blast!

DSCF7380Of course, the mud puddles started forming.

DSCF7375And we had to play in them! I LOVE little muddy feet! This is what being a kid in the summer is all about.

DSCF7376The oldest girl had kidnapped the baby for a nap. Which translates to she wanted to sit in her bedroom, in her big pink chair and binge on Vampire Diaries on Netflix. The baby was perfectly fine with this plan.

Me and the mechanic sat on the front swing while the girls played in the water and the boys “washed” the cars. The mechanic ended up having to wash the mini cooper.

The rest of the night was on the couch with the T.V. I don’t even really remember what we watched but, it was great QT with mechanic and a lot of baby cuddles.

All night was a lot of up and down with the baby. She was miserable! About 7 the next morning, she finally calmed down enough to actually get in a good 3 hour nap.

It rained most of the day. What is with all the rain in South Texas these days?

This kept us in and again on the couch with the T.V. Just a pretty lazy day.

The boys spent most of it with video games, typical teenage boy stuff.

The girls…a blanket fort in the playroom.

DSCF7381The whole weekend brought me back to my childhood. I am not going to lie, I had a pretty AWESOME time as a kid!

So, we didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t buy anything. No out of the house adventures. Not our usual weekend together.

What we did get was a lot of laughs, giggles, some real-time together at home, and made some good old-fashioned memories.

Turns out, weekends completely at home are not that bad. Even with a cranky teething baby.

Girls’ Day gone wrong, gone right

Holy cow! I cannot believe it has been 4 days since the last time I blogged!

Shame on me for being a slacker!

The last several days have been extremely crazy!

Saturday, the mechanic and my son went to pick up the mechanic’s son. That is about a 8 hour drive, one way. I stayed home with the girls. We had planned a total Girls’ Day chilling out on the couch, eating donuts, and overloading on Netflix.

We completely messed that whole plan up! We did eat donuts, that was the only part of the plan that was a success.

Instead we decided to clean out the upstairs closets. It started with the hallway closet, which was jammed packed with toys.

When did it become a toy closet?

I haven’t a clue!

Needless to say, there are no more toys upstairs! Which means, they now have all found a new home, downstairs in the supposed to be dining room, turned playroom.

And since we are upstairs already, we may as well clean out the girls’ bedroom closet.

OH MY GOODNESS!! When did girls become so much messier than boys?

They now have a closet with ONLY clothes in it.

By the time we were finished there, the day was almost gone. No couch and Netflix for us! Sniff Sniff

We did get to make cupcakes, that was a plus and a great reward after a hard day of work.


So while our day was not totally what we had planned, we did get to spend a lot of time together, laugh a lot, and have some clean closets.

And this happened

DSCF7317 (2)

Baby decided it just might be time to go for a walk!

Not what I had planned

Sunday was supposed to be a busy day for us. We needed to mow the backyard, clean out the garage, work on the blazer, do some inside cleaning.

Well so much for that plan!

The mechanic ended up having to run to work for a bit first thing. I did manage to get all the kiddos up, fed, and most of the chores finished before he made it back home. Let me tell ya, that was a big task!

Cheese and crackers always taste better when they have been on your head.


The mechanic cooked breakfast, sausage and eggs. He makes the BEST eggs with cheese and onions and peppers….YUM!

Ok so, it was more like lunch, but who’s looking at the clock?

My afternoon plan of painting the boys’ room and building a loft bed turned into us sitting on the couch.

ALL afternoon!

A little baby rockin out to some Meghan Trainor! This girl could be the youngest fan!


A Harry Potter marathon and I believe some napping. I don’t really remember, I think I was asleep!

How could you say no to that?

Ummmm….you can’t!

And dinner was homemade pizza. Because my kids are absolute weirdos, they made a chili cheese dog pizza. More on that later.


We ended the night with some WWE. Reminds me of being a kid, watching with my Daddy.

So, while the day wasn’t exactly what I had planned it to be, it turned out to be a great one.

It is very rare that we just sit around and be totally lazy. Everything is always so rushed. And we are always on the go. I think we would all be somewhat better off if we just took more time to be lazy with the people we LOVE.

Here’s to more lazy Sundays in the future!

Relaxing, High-speed Weekend

I love the weekends! But, who doesn’t? Well I guess if you work them, they are probably not your favorite. Our weekends are totally for family and maybe a little adventure.

Friday afternoon started out like this…


baby waiting for Daddy to get home from work! At 9 months old, she has found a great love of bunnies.

Friday nights are normally our grocery store nights. Not this one though, it was pretty lazy. Dinner, t.v., and kinda early to bed.

As always, up early on Saturday. I am not really sure when we stopped sleeping in on the weekends but, at some point we did! 7:30 is pretty much as late as it gets. This is just fine though because Saturday mornings mean biscuits and gravy!

Every Saturday is our biscuit morning!


This little girl is totally into her Daddy! But, I can’t blame her, I’m pretty into him too.


And this is always a big mess! This day, not so much. They were good to their Momma.

Somehow, even though we get up early, our day never really starts until after 11. This weekend, the community yardsale. It is always awesome to buy your neighbor’s junk!

Our finds: twister, several books, super cool old roadmaps, a tambourine, fishing reel, outside baby swing, a small tent for the kiddos, and I think that might be it.


So of course, we had to try the game. I am proud to say that at 35, I am still the Twister champ!

The rest of the day was pretty laid back, used book store. There is just something I love about books! Dinner was through a drive thru, this rarely happens. The kids enjoyed it though.

Sundays are our sleep in days. If you call 8:30 sleeping in. Not much went on, a drive in the Texas hills.


A house with this view would be AMAZING!!037b

A trip to the grocery and then home for some dinner.

We did get to see a high speed chase, which was very exciting! Especially for my 12 year old son, who is completely in love with Corvettes. And my car obsessed man! They both crossed that one off their bucket lists.

The weekend, even though it was a rainy one, turned out to be very relaxing. I love weekends like this! Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.

And did I mention we got a new to us boat? This is definitely a project I can’t wait to get started on!